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Belgium / France


ENSAV La Cambre
Brussels (be)—2018/2019

Master in Typography
ENSAV La Cambre
Brussels (be)—2016

Bachelor in Graphic
Design & Multimedia,
Pau (fr)—2013

Foundation Year
in Applied Arts
École de Condé
Lyon (fr)—2010

School in Photography
Orthez (fr)—2009


Currently working on the _bulk platform !

for the ESA Le 75,
Artbook collection project,
Brussels (be)—2018/2019

Graphic Design
19 posters for Plumes & Fusils event,
Redu, Village du Livre (be)—04.2018

Graphic Design
for stylist MVR collections,
Brussels (be)—2017 & 2018

Launching _bulk
independent artbook platform
Brussels (be)—05.2016

Intern in old printing
Imprimerie de La Monnaie,
Pau (fr)—09.2013

Workshop Typography
with Roland Stieger
Pau (fr)—12.2012

Workshop Webdesign
with Jérémie Baboukhian
Pau (fr)—12.2011

Intern in graphic studio
Signé Lazer
Brussels (be)—06.2008

Intern in photo lab
Limelight Laboratory
Brussels (be)—12.2008

Hi !

My name is Louise Rigaux, I am a young French-Belgian
Graphic Designer and Typographer [ personal work ].

After many studies I devote myself fully to the project
that I founded, _bulk. It's in the same time a platform
that distributes young artistic publications and a search
tool gathering actors of the independent art book scene.

You can follow it on instagram !